John Doyle

Interested in exploring our experience and how our perception transforms it. Memory destroys and makes anew. You sense the world through who you are, not for what it is, and then you place that cognizance within time itself, maybe the ultimate manipulator.

You remember the field of grass and not the blade. 

You remember the burn of the birthday candle on your lips, not the wish you made blowing it out. 

The blade still made the field. 

The wish still made you. 

While working across platforms, analog and digital photography, poetry, and music, instinct and happenstance are as important to me as composition and any sense (or senselessness) of purpose. This is being: action and the substantive becomes impression and particulate.

A Polaroid, for instance, is an imperfect camera. Mine are even more imperfect via their age, expressing flaws in exposure, focus, viewfinder, or their print rollers. There is also the chemical process of the film itself, which is more dully violent and not as variable as other means of photography. Image-making this way is more chaotic and emotional, results depend as much on my skill and knowledge as the camera's imperfections or strengths. There is the source subject itself, the light and the dark around it, me, the camera, the film, etc. Maybe this echoes that there is observational physical world, the emotional world, time, etc, all in cohort and struggle to make a representation of some-thing or some-feeling. In the work, none are important themselves, alone,  and are only relevant in their marriage to create a final, unique impression.



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